What are you playing now?



I see almost everyone is playing Spider-Man…

As for me - Destiny! The first one! On my Macbook! Streaming from my PS4! I’m really, really enjoying it. So far the story is grabbing me more than Destiny 2 and the gunplay and flow arguably feels better…


Mad Max
Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Torchlight II
Immortal: Unchained


Still playing world of warcraft. Toddling along by myself completely, purposefully and blissfully ignorant of the end game.

Good fun


I too am playing World of Warcraft at the moment (at the expense of all my other games).
Did our first Guild raid last night, cleared about half of the raid. Continuing tonight


Still mostly Quake Champions. Wish more South Africans were playing it.


I really should play it more often. I definitely enjoy it when I do get in a few games.


Xbox One X
Forza Horizon 3

Battle Fantasia


Urgh, I’m still only playing F1 2018. I can’t stop thinking about the game, and can’t stop playing it.


Finished spider-man last night. Now its time to do all the side missions/quests :smiley:


Spider-Man! An awesome customer from my old job sent me a copy as a gift. Loving it.


Insurgency on PC, finding the co-op modes to be really fun.


Going to get back into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and continue with Mass Effect: Andromeda. Games with substance.


Also started Andromeda on PS4. It’s not nearly as bad as people mad it out to be…

Other than that, I’m juggling a bunch of games:


  • The Division (stuck at level 17 - game is getting really difficult now)
  • Guild Wars 2 (when I just want to roam around doing mindless quests, which is often)
  • Destiny 2 (no Forsaken yet)
  • Cities: Skylines (started a new town after I got the urge to play it again)


  • Destiny (the first one with all DLC)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (80% done with main game, then on to the DLC)
  • Song of the Deep (evokes memories of Ori and the Blind Forest, which is my favourite game of the last decade)
  • Everspace (love the aesthetic, but the game is hard as nails, which translates to frustration)


Heroes of the storm as always,

also bought Black Desert Online on steam, and i am very much enjoying myself with it, extremely beautifull game, makes me want to upgrade my pc to experience it in all is glory.


Mad Max - PC
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - XBox One


I was going to play Mad Max, but then I bought FFXV…


Scratch that, had a dream this weekend about playing Dungeon Keeper, so i am playing Dungeon Keeper, this time though going ham with the wiki, learning things i never knew whilst confirming things i had learned years ago. Damnit this game is fun.


It starts off great! And then it gets worse as you progress.

It’s one of my biggest disappointments in gaming ever. It took everything that was great about the first trilogy and got rid of it. People are angry at EA for all kinds of things but for me it’s what they did to Mass Effect.


I have been following Dauntless for a long time and downloaded their open beta what feels like ages ago. Started playing last night and I am hooked!



TMNT turtles in time reshelled
Initial D