What are you playing now?



Mega Man 11
Road Redemption
Quake Champions


Currently all I am playing is Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Forza Horizon 4. Both absolutely fantastic games, and I don’t know which one to dedicate my time to


Pc - two point Hospital
Ps4 - AC Origins

and i dont know which one i have to spend more time on!!!


Finally got the plat for Bloodborne. Damn! That was hard work!

Shadow of The Tom Raider.

AC: Odyssey

Destiny 2. Free on PS+ last month but it took some time to download. A massive 70GB+ Actually enjoying it


Bards tale 4 on pc


Played Cities:Skylines again today.


Still can’t stop playing Forza Horizon 4 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Both games are just that incredible. But got back into F1 2018 for a few laps. Had to get the rust off first.


Torment: Tides of Numenara - XBox
Hotline Miami 2 - PC
Deponia Doomsday - PC


Playing some Star Trek online to let the nostalgic trekkie in me have some air.


Finally finished Batman Arkham Asylum, currently playing One Piece Burning Blood.

Have any of you tried Screencheat? Up to 4 Players MP. Link to some gameplay with my friends blurred:


Ya it’s quite fun! Quite a unique idea and challenging too when you have a full complement of players trying to keep track of where everyone is.


We can play if you’re keen, not many people I know have it. The game linked above was local.


Quake Champions and Middle-earth™®: Shadow of War™©㋛


Ok cool. I’m a bit crazy busy at the moment but when life is a little calmer I’ll let you know.


Today I’ll be playing Guitar Restring Simulator :stuck_out_tongue:. Its an R game. Kind of like VR but without the V.


As part of my crusade to work through all the Batman games again, I’ve finally started with Arkham Knight. I’m just struggling with the controls on the controller now after playing Mad Max.


Back in the day you gifted me Batman Arkham City I think it was? I was so chuffed that from then on I tried to gift to people more often.


Wow, that feels like ages ago. :slight_smile:


Cancelled my WoW subscription. Playing No man’s sky for the 4th time. Enjoying the new content.


Giving shadow warrior 2 a go and so far i’m not enjoying it that much.