What are you playing now?



Enjoying No man’s sky again. Had to fiddle with my page file to keep it working, the game does not like the potato machine 4 gigs memory I have. Used to have 8 but all my memory slots died, except one.


Destiny 1 on PS4 and 2 on PC… Enjoying both immensely. Destiny 1 is reaaaaaally difficult solo though. Managed to power through the story and busy with the DLC now, but the mandatory strikes are killing me. Anyone up for some co-op to make my life easier?


Divinity: Original Sin 2, playing it again after almost a year. Hoping to really get into it, been flailing around helplessly for something to enjoy since I dropped WoW and ESO


They are Billions! Still haven’t been able to finish the first map.


Mostly Hitman want to complete the main missions tonight and then jump back into batman arkham Knight.

Oh and nearly done with Fractured but whole


Destiny 2 for gameclub.


Just started pathfinder kingmaker yesterday


Destiny 2 (PC)
RDR2 (PS4)
Insurgency Sandstorm (hopefully) (PC)


I play CS:GO and NBA 2k18
Sometimes I play SC2 as well.


RDR2 (PS4)
Battlefield 5 (PC)


Like many others doing the Game Club, Destiny 2!


Destiny 2 :smiley:


So great to see more people enjoying Destiny 2. I’m a total Destiny convert now after playing the sequel. I even bought the first game + all expansions for PS4 and I’m slowly working through it while spending all my waking gaming time in Destiny 2.

So, on topic: Destiny 2 The Forsaken (PC)


I recently bought Hitman 2 . And I’m lucky I found it in very good price ! Can’t wait to start this game


Middle Earth: shadows of war
No man’s sky



Halo 5


Destiny 2
Diablo 3


Red Dead Redemption 2
Super Mario Odyssey
Mario Kart 8


Battlefield V - PC
Deponia Doomsday - PC
For Honor - XBox One


Battlefield 5 - pc