What are you playing now?



Too many things!

Ins: Sandstorm
Battlefield V
Pokemon Lets Go


On pc?

ps. Welcome to MEW :slight_smile:


went and got skyrim se since I never played the DLC and after 2 days of modding it now has about 40 mods and looks fantastic


Yup. Thanks !


Detroit: Become Human

Graphics is amazing and really liking the story thus far.


Haven’t been playing as much lately but when I do it’s mainly CS:GO and Destiny 2.
Downloaded Overload to give it a go and I’m impressed by how smooth and enjoyable the gameplay is.


Destiny 2
Project Cars


Overloadnis great! I’m only on the second mission though… Need to put aside some time to play it.


Despite it starting with some bugs, this is actually very enjoyable. They have run 4 patches since release just over a week ago. A space sim where you can create a vast trade empire and boss everyone around. A lot of very cool options.


Doom VFR
Arizona Sunshine
Robo Recall


Risen 2 - 70 hours in :open_mouth:

I love my critically panned rpg’s! This one is really quite great though.

In what other game can you be a Witty voodoo wielding pirate who has a ghost captain as a sidekick?

It also has a hidden free camera mode so you can take awesome photo’s of characters and the environments.


That sounds fun. I own the Risen series for one day when I break my leg and need to stay in bed for 12 weeks. I’m at a point where I look forward to that day… :sleeping:

Played Craft the World again yesterday. Still on the 2nd map after 46 hours (I think it is the 2nd map, could’ve forgotten…).
Flip, it’s a slow game (I might be a bit obsessive-compulsive about it…), but really enjoyable.


I bought the all three Risen games, but Risen 1 kept crashing at a certain point. That was still on my old PC, I should actually try to get back to it. I absolutely loved ELEX by the same studio and cannot wait for ELEX 2.

Destiny 2

Detroit Become Human
Red Dead Redemption 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Haha ya, I actually started playing really casually, only doing one quest a night. Next thing Im totally sucked in. Really good series if given the chance! Level system is different and tedious at first but all makes sense soon enough.

I have been keeping a keen eye on Elex!
They say Risen 1 is the best of the lot but Im really preferring the pirate style of the second. I actually struggled with the first one for a while because I didnt fully understand the level up system and combat sucked at first, but thats the beauty of rpg’s, your character improves and the game gets better and better as you go along. Which is definitely the case with Risen.


I’m playing Microsoft Word on PC currently. I’m currently in a marathon boss fight of around 60 pages long and I’ve only managed to whittle down around 6 pages of its gargantuan health bar. I will in all likelihood only be able to finish over the weekend. At least it allows me to save any time during the fight, unlike most other modern games…

I will probably jump into some Destiny 2 on PC later tonight to work up my power level. Approaching the 600 level at a steady pace - currently on 580, with 2 pieces of gear still stuck in the low 570’s that’s dragging me down.


I started playing RiME and can honestly say that it is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played!

Some screenies to back up my point.


such a great game. I want to hear your final verdict after you finished it


the puzzles were too easy imo though


Yeah it wasn’t a very challenging game. But the story got to me…


Yeah, me too. Great game