What are you reading?


I’m still busy with The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, haven’t been reading as much as I would like lately.


I’m technically still busy with The Dark Tower series. Been busy for the last decade or so… I’m not doing so well with “leisure reading”.

More recently, I started reading Warren Ingram’s How to make your first Million.

There’s a section about your vision in life, so I had to put the book down and read Visioneering:

It’s incredibly enriching!


reading the third book in lightbringer series


I have officially read the first Mistborn book

Im sorry to say it took me about 3 months to read - I just never felt invested

I have started the Farseer Trilogy from Robin Hobb


YES! I am about to finish the last book on the new and last trilogy.


This is my 3rd or 4 read thru :smiley: I love Robin Hobb


Good Girl.


Ek se eerder niks


Het jy al die nuwe trilogy gekry? dit is fokken amazing. Fitz and the fool.


Dis volgende op die lys :smiley: Ek wil daarna die liveships ook weer lees


Just this morning I completed Blood, Sweat and Pixels by Jason Schreier. It’s a good book in which Jason shares interviews and behind-the-scenes stories of how games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Stardew Valley was developed. You get a much better sense about how and why certain games fails to live up to their hype, and how other games just completely change the lives of some developers. Ultimately it’s a tale of crunch, shitty labour practices and bad management as well. Definitely worth the read for anyone vaguely interested in how games are made.


Sounds about par for course for any and all software development, to be honest.


Yes unfortunately this is very true. But it’s interesting to hear how people react to it, and how it shapes some of the game we love the most. The guy that made Stardew Valley all by himself had literal PTSD and other mental health issues after completing the game. It’s madness to think of the extreme that some companies and people will push themselves to create games. And I wonder how sustainable it is in the long run


Currently busy with Interesting Times (Discworld #17) by Terry Pratchett

Before that i read Eric, also part of the Discworld books, but so far its been my least favorite one of the couple i have read.

Other than Discworld i’ve read books by Jasper Fforde, 3 of the 4 “Last dragon slayer” books and then The Big Over Easy (Nursery Crime #1), I’m just battling to get the second book in that series.
Its fun to read fiction with a bit of humor.


I was never able to get into the Discworld books. They just didn’t catch my interest.


That is sad

Some of the best books ever


I know the feeling, initially it was a slow start for me as well, but it grows on you.

i’m planning on finishing the Rincewind line before moving on to another part of the story, as Eric was not much fun to read, but so far ‘Interesting times’ is much better an funnier.


the witches

and death

and his daughter

omg I need to get my hands on the books again


I love all of them


I’m looking forward to the Death series, i’ve heard from a few people that is was their favorite.


Death the way he portrays him is one of the best characters ever in all the books I have read.
Death is, as you’d expect, a tall, hooded skeleton with a scythe, and SPEAKS IN A VOICE LIKE THE SLAMMING OF COFFIN LIDS. However, he also likes a good curry, and kittens, and finds the lives of mortals endlessly fascinating.