What Podcasts do you listen to, if any?

I don’t listen to them at all. I found them too long to keep my attention.

What Podcasts do you guys listen to and how long are they? Perhaps give a short description about what it’s about. Also, what app do you use to listen to the podcasts?

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i only listen to the IGN beyond, gamescoop and unlocked podcasts, i find it informative, and i watch digital foundry videos most of the others i find annoying especially the ones on youtube with the aholes and their annoying accents just repeating stuff thats already common knowledge

i normally listen to the ign ones to and from work

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The Roosterteeth Podcast
Heroes and Halfwits (DnD podcast also from Roosterteeth)
Glitch Please (The Know/Roosterteeth gaming podcast) (I like Roosterteeth)
No such thing as a fish (The guys that do the tv show QI)
IGN UK Podcast (Covers most entertainment aspects)
This Paranormal Life (tow guys trying to solve weird mysteries. But they dont take it too seriously)
Who the Fuck is Gossip Girl (guy watches Gossip Girl for the first time and its pretty great)
WAT met WIllim Welsyn (Local guy talking to the musos and entertainers in the land. Highly recommend)
Fantasy Football Guys (NFL Fantasy podcast. Only active during the season)
Trailer Park boys podcast (Cause TPB is the best show in the world.)
Hello From the Magic Tavern (A guy gets sucked into a parallel world from behind a burger king)

Thats the current rotation.

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I love podcasts. At the moment I have about 4 in rotation:

Hello Internet - Brady Haran and CGP Grey talk about technology, flags, voting systems and other very nerdy stuff.
Dudesoup - Gaming related podcast done by the guys at Funhaus
Cortex - Myke Hurley and CGP Grey discuss their work, systems of how they work, and general life stuff.
Glitch Please - The Know and Roosterteeth people talk about gaming news and new games

The main podcast I watch/listen to is Glitch Please.

Otherwise I also occasionally enjoy: RT Podcast, Off Topic, Co-optional, and Giant Bombcast.

I use podcast addict, and listen while in traffic daily

Acquisitions Incorporated - C-Team (DnD podcast from penny arcade’s Jerry holkins about 2 hours once a week)
Security Now (news around recent security flaws/leaks etc 2 hours once a week)
you are not so smart (psycology that explores science and self delusion 45Min)
Downloadable Content (Penny arcades owners talking crap and making the weekly comic strip 30min)

I tried to but podcasts do not appeal to me. Would rather listen to an audiobook.

I should try out You are not so smart. I am not so smart so the name just speaks to me.

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its pretty interesting topics actually , just pick one that looks like it might tickle your fancy

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Hidden Brain

I used to listen to podcasts when I had android. Seeing that the ios app doesn’t download in the background I’ve kinda stopped. But I’m upgrading in 3 months back to android and I’m going to come back to this thread to check all these podcasts out. And the apps. Used to love my podcasts. Miss them.

I download Rich Roll’s podcast (The Rich Roll Podcast), and then I have 3 work related podcasts.
But I don’t have an iPhone or iPod, so I almost never listen to any of them.

Interestingly @Talentloos mentioned the opposite yesterday. He doesn’t like the podcast support on Android and prefer the IOS native app.

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Just set up auto download. Ten as soon as a new one is released from one you follow, it downloads.

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It’s never worked on my phone. It only downloads when the app is open. It worked awesomely on android.

As a side note. i might be switching to android for the next release of phones. So the android people, what apps do you use? So that i can check them out so long.

Thank you. I avoided the plebe android thread. will probably need to jump in there at some point

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I’m not typically one for Podcasts, but I recently subscribed to LTACY (Let’s Talk About Cars, Yo!) Salomondrin

Because I’m subscribed to his/their main for a long while now Salomondrin, where they talk about cars and business.

The list used to be long and distinguished, but with my job and working from home it has trimmed down to only Harmontown, and I’m constantly behind on that