What should we play? (GameClub: Intermission suggestions)

Update: This topic is now for giving suggestions for games to play during Intermission.


After chatting to @Solitude, I wanted to pitch an idea I’ve had for GameClub.

Without getting into the “why” of it: shorter challenges, smaller games. Maybe even a new challenge every two weeks or so, on games that are either cheap or free.

There will be awards given out based on the number of GameClub: Intermission challenges you’ve completed. Perhaps there will be a separate award track for “consecutive challenges completed”.

Ideally, I’d want to feature games that are available on all current-gen consoles (PS4, XB1, Switch) and PC. Even better if there’s a mobile option. That’s not a requirement for a game to qualify, though. Just an ideal.

What do y’all think? You up for something a bit more casual?

The rewards won’t be that casual, though. Here’s what I had in mind:

Award: GameClub Intermission Novice

  1. Bronze: 2 games completed
  2. Silver: 5 games completed
  3. Gold: 10 games completed

Award: GameClub Intermission Acolyte

  1. Bronze: 20 games completed
  2. Silver: 30 games completed
  3. Gold: 40 games completed
  • Yes! I’m in.
  • No! I’m out.

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Here’s an example of a game I wouldn’t mind featuring in an Intermission challenge:

It’s developed by our very own Rogue Moon Studios, and is currently on special through Steam for R42 until 23 September.


Like :+1:


I am in, if I own the game I will participate :smiley:


I like casual. Count me in!

Permission to add a poll? :wink:


I’ll be skipping this one. Will be taking a break from Game Club for the next couple of months. Thanks for taking over and for doing this @SIGSTART!


Touché! Poll added.

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Cool own lots of smaller games I would not mind completing.


As long as I have time, and the game, I’m all for it!


Sure I’ll give it a shot.


Howdy, folks. I thought it would be a good idea to repurpose this topic for y’all to give suggestions of games to play during GameClub: Intermission.

If you’ve come across a small, short, cheap or free game that you think would work well for this format, please post the suggestion here!

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Journey of a Roach over on https://freebies.indiegala.com/journey-of-a-roach/?dev_id=freebies

but be warned if you get motion sick this game will not be for you.

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