What was the last movie that you watched?



I enjoyed the part on the volcano and leading up to it. How they fly up and then bullet down. Also how it stops in front of the guy on top of the building. You could see he was stressing himself :grin:


went to go watch Deadpool 2 yesterday, its definately better than the first one imo, i dont think anyone else would be able to portray the character as well as Ryan Reynolds, he balances it perfectly, even the more serious emotional parts and Josh Brolin was the perfect choice for Cable.

Also before the Movie started one of the trailers that played was Ant man an the Wasp and that is a movie i Definately want to go see, really enjoyed the first one, Paull Rudd is such an underrated actor

And late last night i watched the remastered blu ray of the Original Spiderman, It actually holds up pretty well, including the CGI from the early 2000’s


Also keen for ant man. Rudd is super underrated yes.
Love all the spidermans. Even the originals :grin:


I watched Deadpool 2 yesterday and it was amazing!


decided to finally get round to watching the two newer sherlock movies, I enjoyed them its probably not everyones cup of tea


I absolutely loved Guy Richies take on Sherlock Holmes… And i thing Robert Downey Jr was fantastic in the roll… Still one of the best fight scenes i have ever seen is that first fight in the beginning of the first movie, when he analyses every hit, its so reminiscent of Richies older films…

This may sound weird, but i started watching a musical called The Greatest Showman, with Hugh Jackman, now, i didnt know it was a musical, but wow what a great movie!


The Greatest Showman is my person fav so far for the year. It was an amazing movie, and the soundtrack is so memorable.


Just came back from watching Solo in IMAX 3D. I honestly don’t know why it did so bad on release weekend, as it’s easily the most enjoyable and cohesive Star Wars movie I’ve seen in a LONG time!


Tomb Raider 7/10 - out of all the tomb raider movies, it was thus far the best one of them all. Yes the girl wasnt amazing but she was so much better than Angelina - overall it was fun to watch
Cargo 9/10 - brilliant movie, very well done, wont give away spoilers, but it was captivating from the first minute. Martin Freeman was amazing in this.
The Cured ?/10 = Started it, was hoping Ellen Paige could carry it. She is good in it but not great. They do the scare factor well, but it just didnt get anywhere. Stopped about 40mins in


Have to agree… Overall it wasn’t that bad


Yea they did a decent job of telling a story - aka this had more of a story feeling than the originals. it does help that I didnt play the games.


Cool, the reviews on the internet for the Tomb Raider movie made it look shitty, glad to hear it isn’t that bad. The trailers made it look like live action version of the game, which was amazing. So I’ll give it a bash.
Haven’t heard of or seen anything about Cargo, so I’ll have to look that up.

I watched Red Sparrow recently. Will give it a 7/10.


I forgot the Wrinkle of Time - 5/10 - So many questions unanswered. Its also not a kids movie, its very dark and twisty and rather freaky.


Oh yes, I also watched Annihilation some time ago. I’ll give it 7.5/10. It was a good movie, very trippy at times. Also, fuck the bear thing.


Your rating makes me thing hell no, but your description has intrigued me… I will have to watch this now…

Finally got round to watching the last Maze Runner, I absolutely loved the first movie… The slow and steady decline of the series was completed with the most anticlimactic, waste of a fantastic opportunity… The third movie was how ever better than the second, but that’s really not achieving much…

Watched Tomb Raider last night, also enjoyed it, really not a bad film, and very “Tomb Raidery” i particularly liked the puzzle aspects that were common in the original games…


we watched it Saturday night. I found her to be very… squeaky

And apparently she’s made of Adamantium


Ya look you cant go to deep into it… That abdomen injury also healed really well over night… She also has the grip strength of a bloody rock climbing champion 10X over… That chick was hanging on stuff for like 2 hours straight…


and she shamed the world long jump champion


To be honest, the books were the same. First book was great, second book was oky, third book was kak. The ending of the book left much to be desired, almost felt like a cop out. I was very disappointed.

I haven’t even watched the second or third movie for this very reason.


Dude its marketed to kids, I mean kids are the main actors in this. But keep an eye out there is so much in there that is rather disturbing for young kids and even 10 - 15 year olds will not love it.

The science was to much and one who one spoke in random quotes that didnt really fit the scene, the VERY typical look for Reese Witherspoon - aka that wide eye innocent over the top look she does all the time