What was the last movie that you watched?



all the local actors and locations in the 3rd maze runner removed me from it a bit as well


Watched Cargo. It’s basically about an incurable viral infection turning people into zombies, so it’s nothing no one hasn’t seen before, but I enjoyed the angle they took with regards to the baby girl.

Hit me right in the feels, considering the baby in the film can’t be much older than my girl.


Dude I cried my eyes out! They did that ending so well!

I figured The Cured would be a better version of the zombie movies since its a different angle as well, aka curing zombies and putting them back in the human population - the movie just didnt work


Just came back from watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with the wife. She was super excited to see it as she loves the franchise. It had its moments, but overall just more of the same. The dumb waiter scene reminded me a lot of the kitchen scene in the first Jurassic Park.

I’ll give it a 6/10.


I felt that even just from the trailers, which I feel gave too much away.


The trailer gave a lot away, but not too much. There were enough twists and the suspense was high enough to warrant it the usual action-thriller label that Jurassic Park/World is known for, but the story wasn’t all that engaging and Chris Pratt makes any movie feel goofy. I believe Jurassic Park should go back to its roots and take on a slightly more serious tone.


@FarligOpptreden just went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom also. All I can say is I enjoyed it, except for the first third. That IT guy annoyed the heck out of me. I also feel they forced the ‘feels’. Everything was about dinos dying. But other than that it was cool.


2036 - I agree Outsiderza its a horrible movie

Rampage - meh I cant rate it, the only reason I finished it was for Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Life of the Party - 6/10 it was ok, not the best, I was just grateful that it didnt turn into a over the top slapstick movie.

But all movies are so bloody PC it ruins the movies. The scripts are getting so meh.


primal rage 6.5/10

A movie about big foot, to be honest i expected it to be worse than what it turned out to be.



Is it just me or are all the marvel posters starting to look the same (thematically)


Yea I have noticed that, dunno what message they are sending



Not the first time :wink:


Watched Rampage last night… Wow…

I dont know what i expected, but it was really not worth the 2 hours i put into it…


Ready Player one, and It was amazeballs loved it so much, so many game references


I watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I liked it, I remember really liking the original, I’m happy that they didn’t just try remaking that one.


Watched Captain America: Civil War over the last few days.
Was entertaining. I’m going to have to watch all the Marvel movies in a marathon if I want to remember who everyone is, who did what etc etc…


Ended up watching A Quiet Place and Ready Player One. I thoroughly enjoyed watching both movies.

RPO was actually surprisingly good to be honest. I didn’t expect to like it that much but I’m glad i did. And don’t forget about A Quiet Place, the movie was really really good. 10/10 :wink:


I must get round to watching Ready Player One, I’ve heard good things about it.


Just dont read the book to soon before watching it. The books is better but the movie is great!


Also watched RPO, suprisingly didn’t enjoy it that much. :man_shrugging: