What was the last movie that you watched?



Watched the netflix How it ends with Forest Whitaker. Good movie. The only thing is that most Netflix thrillers have a predictable ending by now. This one did too


@Wyvern I watched Wrinkle in Time this weekend, and maybe its because i went in with really low expectations, but i thought it was pretty good… I hate “child” actors, but as a whole the movie was enjoyable…


It’s not the worst movie ever, but yea I just didnt enjoy it at all.



shit movie not even worth explaining the synopsis


Extinction on netflix, very very good movie with some interesting twists and some concepts that keep you thinking afterwards.

HEAVILY spoiler prone though, so be careful what you read about it before you watch it or you lose most of the impact of the movie.


watched this last night!
it was great, unexpectedly excellent!

I was very impressed with the acting considering they are not major stars.

as shrike said do not read anything about this movie, it’s very easy to spoil.


yea thanks to Shrike I watched it as well. I mostly enjoyed, the twist was well done and actually unexpected.


Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

popcorn sequel, i’ve said it before that the first jurassic world wasnt a strong title (yes it made alot of money and it looked pretty good) and this movie just solidifies that statement. i still think that the first Jurassic park is the best of the lot just like the 1st matrix movie was the best of the lot. the jurassic world movies are films without depth its its plot points are primarily there to set up the action scenes, kind of like the marvel cinematic universe movies.


So i also decided to give Extinction a go and i don’t think i watched the same movie as the rest of you guys. I really didn’t like it at all. I’ll admit that the twist was pretty good but the rest of the movie was below average for me.


Hence the word mostly in my post, the acting fell flat a fair few times for me


Finally watched Avengers Infinity War last night. Great movie, actually feels like you are watching a comic book.


Better late than never i suppose… :roll_eyes:


I don’t really go to the cinema much. It means I have to wait, but watching at home is much more comfortable.


I cant not go see big movies like this… The youtube spoilers kill it for me…


I haven’t watched it yet.

I did watch Thor and Thor: The Dark World though.


Managed to keep away from Avengers Infinity War spoilers for so long and finally i got to see it. So many things happened… I’ll have to watch it again


I watched The Dance of Reality tonight. I have never seen anything like this in my life before. At times extremely disturbing but also profoundly beautiful. Definitely not something everyone will enjoy, but I loved it. Great piece of art.


Watched the (sort of) sequel to Dance of Reality, Endless Poetry. I really liked it as well, lots of beautiful scenes and some disturbing ones again as well. I’m really getting into this director’s work. Think I need to go back and watch his old stuff like El Topo and The Holy Mountain.



a horror with a few scares 6.5/10 imo


I watched Avengers: Infinity War last night. It was okay, a blast to watch.