What was the last movie that you watched?



Deadpool 2 9/10. Very entertaining. I had more fun than with the first one.


I agree totally I enjoyed it so much more than the first.

Morena Baccarin is one of my favourite under rated actresses


As a lover of all things Firefly, I most definitely agree


Under rated?? She’s too giggity to be under rated…


Upgrade - 8/10 - Was very well done, some twists was unexpected, few not so much.

Skyscraper - 6/10 - Maybe Im over the the Rock, but Neve Cambell was more kickass - I got the feeling that it was a bad attempt at Die hard.

Tag - 8/10 - Im still astounded that this was actually based on a true story. I really enjoyed it. Some of the silly slowmo scenes irritated me but otherwise I loved it.


Also watched TAG and really enjoyed it! It was a great funny, no need to pay to much attention, kind of movie…

Also watched Patient Zero… Dont…


Bwahahah I forgot about patient zero, i love as in LOVE Stanley Tucci, but yea it was a c grade movie


That ending… just… wow…


Once upon a time in Mexico. Man that CIA dude was just plain nuts.


Dogtooth. 9/10

What. The. Fuck. Crazy shit. This will stay with me for a long time. Not for the average person who likes to have fun watching movies. This is one of those films you might stop watching halfway through, but I’m glad I experienced the whole thing.

Up Next is El Topo, finally.


oceans 8 pretty good but not as good as the old oceans movies.


Shame 9/10

Another tough one to watch. Very raw and real look at addiction. Brilliant film.


Murder on the Orient Express. Sound wasn’t great, so missed a lot of important dialogue. Nevertheless, a great movie, intriguing end. Looking forward to re-watch it someday.


Interesting. Don’t you think that because you’ve seen the ending, watching it again won’t have the same effect?


It won’t be the same, but I still hope to pick up the finer details. I don’t mind knowing the ending, it doesn’t spoil the movie for me, now I know what to look out for.
Completely different if I haven’t watched a movie yet and someone then tells me the ending.


The Lobster. 9/10

Same director as Dogtooth so it also has some batshit crazy moments. Not as shocking as Dogtooth though, but that doesn’t affect the film at all.


Mandy, and its was really good weird as F@$% but amazing, have not seen cinematography like that in ages, the story was just an excuse to use various camera angles , color and music to make you feel a wide array of emotions.


I watched Solo last night, and im not ashamed to say that i really enjoyed it… Not sure what all the hate was about…

I also watched the new Jurassic park… I advise against this…


Nope. Just nope. One of the best horror/psychthrillers I’ve ever seen 9/10

Less nope, but still pretty nope. 8/10


I watched 45 minutes of Oceans 8. Didn’t have the same feeling like the other oceans movies.