What was the last movie that you watched?



Almost as cool as Big Hero 6 but way up there.

I rate it superb.


Definitely on my to watch list on Netflix.

I watched Dunkirk this afternoon. Not your typical WWII movie. It was quite interesting how the 3 story lines all connected up.


really enjoyed that one.

Surprisingly very little dialogue throughout the movie


…and one LONG continuous soundtrack! Very surprised to hear it during the movie.


Ok, I finished watching Oceans 8. Ending was okay. I checked and they made enough money for Oceans 9 I think.


I watched Solo: A Star Wars Story over the weekend. I did not have high hopes for the movie but it was actually much better than what I was expecting. 7.5/10


I felt exactly the same! Much better than people made it out to be…

Watched Antman And Wasp, was really good! Fun movie!


Rogue One. It was OK. Nothing amazing, but not crap either. Not enough Donnie Yen though.

I did not give the movie 100% of my attention though so I probably missed a few things here and there. Will rewatch it some day.


Also, watched Antman 2 but i felt it didn’t live up to the first movie. I was kind of bored throughout the movie and found the ending credits scene the most entertaining part.


Watched Green Lantern last night, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

I think it was unanimously shat on by everyone though?

I like how he thought up human weapons and gear in his fights that still proved useful.
Makes you think what would you think up in the heat of a battle to use as a weapon?
My mind would be stuffed, thinking up massive starfish or a box of lindt because its so random :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



wow! I know nothing of the game lore and characters but this movie is utterly impressive.


I loved it man! And i know a lot of the Lore etc… All i want is a sequel… But apparently it was a box office flop :pensive:


Isle of Dog , its directed by Wes Anderson , Definitely a must watch was fanatastic


Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)


Mile 22
Equalizer 2


I didn’t realise they’d made another movie.


In terms of my backlog:

My latest would be: The Revenant


Yeah, they did :slight_smile:


Watched The Predator, meh but fun movie, not scary at all. Tons of swearing though, even a 10 year old kid swearing.

Not something to watch with your kids.


Great movie, good acting.