What was the last movie that you watched?



Do i detect a hint of sarcasm?


Not at all, I actually enjoyed it. I am not a fan of the car chase blow things up genre but this was a lot more realistic than I thought it would be.


First Man. Utterly engrossing, beautiful film.


Finally sat through 3 hours of Straight Outta Compton.

And this came to mind so often…


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Not going to say anything about it. Don’t want to spoil it.


So its worth it? I am considering going this weekend, but I havent been to the movies in ages cos its just silly expensive.


Are you a harry potter fan firstly?

Yeah we also don’t go often either but planned for this one. Also we use the edgars club thing which lowers the price a bit at least.


Im not part of any club so no discount :frowning:
Also no 3D for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

And yes I loved the first Fantastic Beasts (more than the HP ones - altho I loved the HP books)


Watched A Star is Born yesterday and Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were awesome. the music was great. my only gripe was the movie was a little too long and theres like a part in the movie which felt like something was cut, which could have provided more content.

Also i couldnt help but notice the way they made up LAdy Gaga made her look quite a lot like J-Lo when she started out etc. especially the outfits…


I’m not such a big harry potter fan as I also enjoyed the first Fantastic Beasts more than HP. Specifically the Obscurial. I was disappointed that I didn’t go see it in IMAX with that part when he went ballistic on the city.

With the second one there are so many links to the HP series and a huge twist at the end where my wife, who is a huge HP fan, sat speechless.


I wonder if that was on purpose.


Watched this the past weekend, I really enjoyed it, however I was thoroughly confused.
Granted I don’t have the best HP knowledge of the HP universe, but even my wife was confused, and she is pretty into HP.


Warcraft. Slow start, but enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next movies

Mowgli. Enjoyed the different view. The CGI is just incredible. There’s a lot of negative reviews, which I don’t agree with.


Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse 9/10

I really enjoyed this one despite not being the biggest fan of animation or Miles Morales. It actually made me like him a little more. It still loses one point for him though and for the 3D.


Venom - surprisingly good.


Agree, Mowgli was very good for me too.


peppermint, honestly felt like they took the story of punisher and adapted it for a female.

it also appears that a sequel to venom has been greenlit by Sony


loved that movie

Edit: Heavy throwback i know. I dont come in here often.


I re watched Blow one more time…


Saw Crimes of Grindlewald on the weekend, and as a Harry Potter fan I loved it!

The twist at the end isnt much of a twist though in my opinion… Its a lie to get what Grindlewald wants…