What was the last movie that you watched?



How did you watch it? I cant find a torrent anywhere? Or are you talking about the old one?


Based on the “…and for the 3D” note and the fact that it must have only just released in SA, I’m gonna guess that @Wlad paid real money to go see it in an actual movie theatre? :slight_smile:


You clearly dont know a single thing about Wlad :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Finally watched Venom. Don’t really know much about the character in general but is he supposed to be so quirky?


LOL. You clearly know less than you think…

I watched it in the cinema, as @GregRedd mentioned the 3D part is a dead giveaway. Someone else paid real money so I could see it. The same person who bought me the Spider-Man game, they know I am a huge Spider-Man fan.


Could be, but the phoenix verified him as a Dumbledore, unless Grindlewald jippo’d that too. Either way the next movies will be interesting.


Aquaman - 7/10

That was because Jason Momoa runs around shirtless for most of the movie.
The origin story was done well, the cast was were it lost points.

Im sorry but the plastic that nicole kidman has become was not attractive to watch. Same goes for the dude who plays his brother. Also biggest disappointments went to Dolf Lundgren and William Dafoe - Dafoe should stick to playing villains

Overall a few good laughs and giggles, more for Jason’s attitude and cheekiness that he brought into the character. The above water scenes so much better than underwater.

Also Imax3D is survivable!


Also watched Aquaman. Loved every minute. Considering going to see it again.


Because Jason



Watched Tau on Netflix.
It’s okay, not that bad. Almost didn’t finish it, the story didn’t really catch my attention that well.


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix.

WATCH IT NOW! Thank me later.

That is all.


The Meg… was Meh

Apparently my computer isn’t a compatible device… well that sucks. Guess i’ll watch it on my phone in bed tonight


Got the same thing when I first tried watching it through the Netflix Windows desktop app on my PC. Then tried through the website using Chrome browser and it worked.


Did Aquaman again yesterday and the new Mary Poppins this morning.


Ralph Breaks The Internet. Very quirky.


The wife and I watched Bird Box the other night - gripping movie with a lot of tension.


Wife and I watched the Black Mirror interactive movie yesterday. It was, well, weird. Seems like most options I chose ended the movie too early which forced me to “Go Back”.


Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was cool. Quirky.


Thought we’d give the Bandersnatch thing a try, haven’t had any good endings yet. Will try again some time.


My first choice sequence ended the movie within 20 minutes…