What was the last movie that you watched?



Blockers 8.5 out of 10 i really enjoyed it and john cena actually does well in a comedy setting

in other news Star trek 4 has been cancelled :unamused:


Jagveld 6.5/10

Slept over at my sister’s house last night because the kids wanted me to and this is what my sister and her husband chose to watch. Not the biggest fan of Afrikaans movies, but I didn’t hate this.


Watched Bird Box last night. I found it rather chilling and tense, not scary at all. Though I think it’s rooted on a lot more serious issues, like metal health and psychological problems.

Would give it a solid :recommend:


The best kind of health there is! /headbangs


Found this for any bandersnatch fans.


Also watched Bird Box last night, Great movie! I just didnt like the ending that much…


I was typing out a whole spiel on this and then realised that it would be somewhat of a spoiler.


Watched The Beyond on Netflix.
Interesting concept, but not well executed


Gave IO a watch last night. And while the movie isn’t bad, it’s not very compelling either. A few times I almost stopped it. It’s got an interesting idea but battles to gain momentum, also very poetic. But overall a solid 5.5 I reckon.


Same, same. That said, I understand that the slow, melancholic pace of the film is there to emphasize the emptiness and loneliness of the situation. It’s a solid story and well acted by the small cast (definitely a challenge to carry a full length feature). I also thought it was beautifully filmed. It’s the sort of small budget, indie movie that would do well at the Sundance Film Festival. What it isn’t is an action-packed Saturday night sci-fi blockbuster. I should have rather saved it for tonights’ Sunday evening chill movie night.

It gets a positive worth-a-watch at the right time 6.5 from me.

Edit to add that I went to check out the IMDB reviews after posting, and was not disappointed. Full of 1 and 2 star ratings and “reviews” (many duplicated multiple times) from closeted racists, climate change deniers, incel misogynists, and pseudo-intellectual “sci-fi fans” decrying the lack of scientific accuracy in the movie. Some of the funniest I found, typos and all:

  • Another jump on the climate hystery bandwagon piece of rubbish. Pseudo science with a dull and boring story.
  • White woman, check, black guy, check, end of the world, check, sexual tension, check, stupid story, check, technical errors, check, low budget set check.
  • waste of budget on a nonsensical story that ends up nowhere, with the inevitable interracial love story shoved in that Netflix love to promote.
  • the girls a scientist? What is she, like 12? (The actress in question is 25)
  • Veiled Environmentalist Propaganda. A subtle attempt to brainwash more of the public that the human race is causing climate change.
  • On the other hand, Netflix is alway brainwashing people, ok, we got it, white girl/black guy, the same message in most of Netflix originals.
  • Really!!! This has to be deleted from the data base and never see another day of light it’s an insult for the eyes.
  • Dear god, does the liberal propaganda never end? We start of with the earth killing us all to save itself (whatever), tand it is down hill from there. The inevitable white males let the protagonist down, before some incredible tedious nonsense before a racemixing end.
  • do your yourself a favor and don’t watch this movie oh and another thing why does Netflix love to have black male actors with white female actors


Bohemian Rhapsody

Wow, my wife and I both were in tears with the raw emotional power of the songs, brought back good memories. The movie and the acting was top notch.


Watched Extinction on Netflix.
Great movie. Loved the twists. I recommend.

Watched Only Mine
It’s meh. Had more to say about it but forgot what it was. :grinning:


Thanks, will add to ny list.


Oh, also watched FullMetal Alchemist! Never watched the anime, so can’t compare. Enjoyed the movie, interesting. CGI was impressive.


IO - 5/10 - I want my time back, I prefer movies that are slightly faster paced and with a bit more of an interesting story. It was obvious from the start what was going to happen. Yes it is pretty and stunning and so on, I kinda expected a bit more. I also never really gelled with either character - they are good, the script was decent, the in depth convos got me bored.

Bohemian Rhapsody - 11/10 - make sure to have some tissues, the feels in this one is real. I am not a huge fan of Rami Malek, but after this he convinced me. He is brilliant. The movie itself was amazing, brilliant and clever. The only draw back for me was not enough music!




you want to ride your bicycle?


Went to watch Bohemian Rhapsody last night, and wow, what a great movie!! The songs were amazing, Rami Malek played Freddy exquisitely well, the story was more emotional than I expected, and was just so well done. Definitely a must watch.


Just finished watching Extinction. I thought the idea was brilliant, not the biggest budget, nor the best acting, but it kept you in suspense the whole way. Also had some great plot twists, not to mention quite compelling.

Solid 8/10. Would watch again. Quite thought provoking.


Mortal engines 4.5/10

Maybe its just me, but it felt like i was watching an unofficial bioshock movie, thats not as good as the games. it seems like a movie with alot of potential at the start but then things just fall apart story wise.