What was the last movie that you watched?

The bits I watched I mostly enjoyed, but I will admit that I passed out during the movie. I needed more sleep. Kept dosing off during it.

I watched the new Baywatch in the hotel. I don’t think its as bad as people made out, after all I did laugh occasionally.

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Wife and I enjoyed it quite a bit, as crude as it was…

Finally got around to watching Bohemian Rhapsody. Really enjoyed it. What a performance by Rami Malik. Everything about the movie was just awesome. A solid 5/7 from me.

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Watched Doctor Strange on Saturday night.
Enjoyed it, but my wife fell asleep and missed the last few minutes.
I also want a cape like that :sunglasses:


Yeah I quite enjoyed it as well.

Baywatch was an OK movie. Definitely not as terrible as people make it out to be but not great either. Couple of good laughs though, and I think the cast had some great chemistry.

We started watching Die Rebellie Van Lafras Verwey last weekend - trailer seemed interesting. But we also cancelled our Showmax sub, so we couldn’t finish the movie. I expect quite a twist coming. :man_shrugging:
Has anyone seen it? Worth it?

Watched Mortal Kombat and Mission Impossible III over the weekend. Watching Mortal Kombat always makes me nostalgic.

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That’s the one with Christopher Lambert as Raiden, right? Man, that movie was incredibly cheesy!

Isn’t it Romantic - 8/10 some really cheesy moments, but it a given since they are really making fun of the genre

Vox Lux - I have no idea how to give this a score - I also honestly can’t say what is was trying to be - Natalie Portman is trying to hard by choosing all the arty films of late. At least in this one she is brilliant. But I hated the sound track, the music all over was terrible. It started odd and gruesome, then fell into a rut, then something happened and I still have no clue why it was important.

I think I am just plain lost

Watched Captain Marvel and I really loved it. I had my doubts about Brie Larson but she did a great job. Also loved seeing more of Fury!

Aquaman, fun movie, a little heavy on the slugfest though.

Captain Marvel.

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hm… i keep hearing how great the movie is.

Polar on Netflix. 9/10

Loved this movie. Maybe a little bit too violent, but overall it was a great action movie.


Also watched Polar on the weekend. Solid B from me — 8.5/10.

It didn’t make me feel anything (as in, I didn’t really connect with the characters), but it was entertaining, the performances were solid, and the story was great.

Isn’t it Romantic — Solid C — 7.5/10

It sets out to be for romantic comedies what Cabin in the Woods was for horror movies, but it loses its way somewhere in the middle. Still, Rebel Wilson is hilarious and Liam Hemsworth is fantastic.

EDIT: Wikipedia says my letter to percentage grading scheme was bad, so I updated my scores/letters to match.


captain marvel 7/10

its a good superhero movie, they have jigged some stuff around like change the origins of captain marvel etc. but its nothing more and thats the issue i have with the MCU movies, i doesnt have depth i doubt anything will ever be able to top the dark knight franchise, it allows you to resonate with the characters which is something the original 2 x-men movies also achieved successfully.

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Busy with Alien Warfare on Netflix.
Low budget, poor videography, poor dialogue, terrible cgi.

Avengers: Endgame, of course. But I’m not telling you a damn thing about it. :sunglasses: