What was the last movie that you watched?





For the love of god… please… no one watch… The Titan…


Is it really that bad?


Worse that that…


Worse than Green Lantern?


noooooooooooooo :frowning: I was hopeful
I dunno why

these days most movies leaves me feeling meh this is why I refuse to go watch them in a theater - I dont want to walk out feeling I wasted monies


Green Lantern is Oscar worthy compared to this crap


Just a heads up for anyone wanting to go watch Deadpool 2, we found out tonight at the cinema that it’s only being shown in 2D in the whole country. Ster Kinekor that is.

So yeah, not gonna watch it then. I can get it at the video store and watch it in 2D at home, I go to the movies to have the 3D experience.


I actually prefer 2D movies, due to wearing glasses as well. I make it work putting the 3D glasses over my normal glasses, but I still prefer a 2D movie when possible. The fact that it’s in IMAX 2D is a huge plus! We’re actually gonna watch it at IMAX tomorrow.


Awesome. Let us know how it was tomorrow :+1:


It was good! Quite a few memorable lines in the movie and the post credit scenes are well worth it.

I don’t think there are any scenes thst warranted 3D though, so I was more than happy to watch it in 2D IMAX.


Agreed, it didn’t need the 3D which i’m happy about, I sometimes feel that 3D is thrown in to increase the prices


I flippen LOVED Deadpool 2!!!

I was very surprised it wasnt in 3D though i must say… We all had our glasses and everything, my mates all put theres on, I wear glasses so i usually wait as long as possible to put them on, and when it started i told them all its not in 3D… Some friends even bought new glasses with the tickets…

3D aside though i do agree there want much that was 3D worthy in the movie, but holy hell was it hilarious!

Also watched Red Sparrow over the weekend which i can HIGHLY recommend! Its not appropriate for sensitive viewers, as there are a few scenes which could upset some, especially the ladies, but it was a brilliant film, with a fantastic conclusion…

Started the new Pacific Rim last night, only got half way through, but im also enjoying it… it is what it is, an action film with massive robots crushing shit… So dont go in expecting something deeper because you will probably be disappointed…


So glad Im not the only one who enjoyed it! I loved the movie!


Started watching Horrible Bosses, switched to Land of the Lost, then ended up watching Hotel Transylvania 2. No such thing as a ‘clean’ comedy these days?


Dude if you find it, let me know

I can’t handle American Slapstick - its become so vulgar. It is why I hardly watch new movies of late.


A mate at work told me to try watch Game Night, apparently its a good new(ish) comedy… I will watch it this weekend more than likely…


Totally agree


I decided to watch Cliffhanger again and i have to say it wasn’t that bad. Obviously all your typical clichés are in the movie but i still really liked it and didn’t mind them at all :grinning:


Just finished Pacific Rim Uprising… Not the best ending… But a love the Robots fighting, and it was pretty much what I expected… Looking forward to the next one… They set it up well…