What was the last movie that you watched?



Black Panther. Not a fan. But it’s over now.


Out! Now! :pensive:


Same here. Watched it last night. I give it a “meh out of Marvel”

I liked one of the villians from the first half of the movie, but that was about it.


Are you guys kidding???

I LOVED Black Panther! I thought it was amazing!


How did you watch it - I stopped it at 20mins in


Maybe you can help me @tom with something about the movie…

I feel he is not the rightful king of Wakanda because the ‘baddie’ of the movie had full right by blood to challenge the throne, and defeated him fair and square. Just because they don’t like him doesn’t mean they can stop his ‘birthright’. They kept saying he murdered him, but even the mountain king said that he was defeated, not murdered.
It’s like he’s a disgruntled king that doesn’t want to let go of the throne. Or am I missing something?
There’s also other things like the bad acting and the terrible sound editing. But that can be overlooked.


I wanted to stop it. But I thought “I might need to see something before watching the new Avengers movie”.

I am pretty confident I made the wrong assumption.


Yeah, that Villian was good. He did have a South African accent right? That is what he was going for?


He said something about going back to Joburg


Yeah it adds nothing to Infinity War.


Oh yes! haha. That was cool. He accent wasn’t bad.


I think the thing about the birthright might have been moot, since his Dad betrayed the previous king. Sounds like treason, and such losing the birthright. That’s my assumtion anyhow…


Ok yeah. Could be. But they were still blood. Actual cousins, their dads were brothers. The other leaders that challenged weren’t blood.


I agree completely the “baddie” had every right to fight for the throne, but the king was just to soft on him… He had him beat earlier on in the fight and didnt pull the trigger… The fight is either until one of them dies or yields to the other, so the fight was never over… But yes i agree that was a plot hole they didnt fill very well…


I just loved Wakanda and that whole part of the movie, the tech was great, the story was enjoyable…

And for me i think it was definitely worth watching before Infinity war because of the main fight at the end… the whole last part of the movie was in Wakanda…


I had no issue with the movie (Black Panther), apart from some of the action/fighting scenes. It seemed very poorly choreographed; like some of it looked like a B movie where you could clearly see the punch/stab/kick flying way short of target.

Also, the lead actor (don’t know his name) was sometimes very difficult to hear/understand; almost like he was mumbling.


I might have liked it if it was a B flick.


pacific rim uprising

an ok action flick, doesnt rewrite the history books in any way.


Last night I saw Deadpool 2.

I loved the movie, every moment was true to the character and I loved the movie, I can’t wait to see it again.

This is certainly not a kids movie and once again Deadpool gets straight to the point showing you why in the opening scene. I would love to say more but I really don’t want to spoil an awesome movie, however I will say there is a lot more violence and gore in this one compared to the previous movie, however it’s still manageable.


Awesome. 4 days and counting for me. Then we can Spoiler tag the heck out of it :slight_smile: