What was the last movie that you watched?



It’s already been split into two movies… Part 2 is coming exactly a year from now. Also, if you watched all the previous Marvel films beginning with Iron Man all the way back in 2008, and followed all the little clues and extra bits of information they snuck in, you would not have much trouble making sense of Infinity War. Otherwise, I can understand that it would feel confusing. It was never supposed to play like a standalone film, but as the culmination of all the films that came before it.


But then they would have three movies for the Infinity saga…the second part is coming in May 2019.


I watched Nocturnal Animals last night and it was very good.


avengers infinity war

im sorry but i hate peter quill, he’s the biggest douche in the movie, and the after credit scene is an obvious call for captain marvel, but the question is than where has she been all this time :face_with_raised_eyebrow: with all the shit going on in the marvel universe for the past 10 years


We’ll find out in the Captain Marvel movie next year.


“A laugh riot” - Murph


I think a different time. That’s why that beeper looked so wierd


I so badly want to click on these infinity was spoilers… I have tickets for tonight 8.45… I… Can… Not… Wait…

On topic, last movie I watched was Annihilation… It was weird man… But i did enjoy it…


Just wait, it will be well worth it. trust me. Sooooo much going on in that film.


I have been like a spoiler avoiding ninja for the last 2 weeks…


That’s the spirit! Dodge them spoilers.

Oh by the way: This isn’t really a spoiler, I’m just testing your resolve. If you’re reading this before the movie: For shame! .


this is the most dick thing anyone has ever done to me in the history of doing things… I SHALL NOT CLICK ON IT!!!


Oh come on, I promise it isn’t a big spoiler…


los die arme ou uit~


Ag Okay… Ek sukkel net so bietjie…


Enjoy it Tom. You won’t be disappointed.


Ready player one - 8/10 I really enjoyed it, I think it helped that I read the book so long ago that I didnt compare them directly. It was good fun and watching it with a bunch of gamers and geeks, the amount of “easter eggs” we found was what made it.


Aaaand…? How was it? Also, have you read my spoiler yet?



Haha, that was hilarious :rofl:

The movie was FANTASTIC! The only problem i have is that i have to wait another year for the next part :roll_eyes:

Im going back now and reading all the spoilers!


Agreed 110%