What was the last movie that you watched?



We can’t be friends anymore… I enjoyed it alot


And I’m ok with that :grinning: people like different things.
The friends thing though … :sob:


We are still friends promise, trying to watch red sparrow now.


Watched Rampage.
Was fun to watch.


Mortal Kombat Annihilation

Those hairstyles :rofl: :sob:


I miss those types of movies lol :smiley:


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Shit gave me a headache and I hate it


I watched Baby Driver last night.


And? What did you think?


Without getting into too much detail, it was quite a wow factor!

I was watching Cinema Sins video on it, halfway through, I thought “wait, lemme get this film, it looks intriguing”. Got it, was as good and better than I thought.

Wish I hadn’t chosen to watch CS video, but damn, still good.

The Fast and Furious franchise could take some hints.


Watched Avengers Infinity War last night. Great movie, very entertaining. Lots to read up on regarding the ending and especially the after credits scene.


Does it count if I was in the room.
Started watching Iron man, but didn’t get immersed into it so fell asleep. Wife loved it


We watched Red Sparrow - 7/10 her accent bugged me the whole time and few minor issues like it only took them 3 months to train her. Otherwise the plot twists was very well done.


Then it was old movie night. We watched Leon 9/10 it’s one of my all time favorite movies, I love the fact its not politically correct at all. This is a movie that wouldnt be released in this day and age.
Nikita (original dubbed one since I don’t understand enough French) it didn’t age well at all which is a pity. Since I love the story


watched lights out, its an ok horror 6.5 out of 10 imo


What a spectacle that is. I hate that we have to wait another year for the conclusion!


Maybe not :grin: now you have the rest to work through. Ironman was the first. We did them all in the buildup to Infinity war.


Yeah, but leaves us with lots to talk about until then.


I N F I N I T Y . W A R


watched Infinity war on Monday and it was good but i felt like it ended weird and its definitely my least favorite of the marvel movies. the story felt rushed, they should have split it into two movies imo to better explain everything