What was the last movie that you watched?



original Hitman. Loved it, Agent 47 is next


I watched Mother! last night and I really wasted 2.1 hours of my life.


Eife and I went to see Tomb Raider on Sunday morning. Really enjoyed it!


Ha, I kind of liked it. It was something different for a change.


I just struggled to get into it. Only reason I finished the whole movie is because Jennifer Lawrence.


You got further than I did, I managed 15 mins


I really hoped for it to be a great movie. :confused:


Having the pleasure of nursing a “man flu” patient :roll_eyes:, I had the opportunity to watch another movie last night: Flatliners 2017. I read some reviews on rottentomatoes.com/m/flatliners_2017/ and they weren’t good reviews. With that said, I actually enjoyed the movie. It has a few scenes that give you a good scare and the story line wasn’t bad either. I can’t really remember the 1990 Julia Roberts version, so won’t be able to compare the remake, but will rate it a 7/10.


@Mystique, it looks like we’ve got different tastes in movies. I found Flatliners boring again. I like the idea but thought it wasn’t executed well.

Interestingly enough it has a lot of similarities with the OA. I don’t know if you’ve watched that show. It’s very good and can definitely recommend it.


:man_facepalming:t3: Weird how people differ. I haven’t watched OA no, but will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation!


I also liked flatliners, I do prefer the original (omg Im old)
The original was a bit scarier for me. I should try the OA again, I struggled to get into it tho.


I think my taste is just different to the two of you.


I’m gonna see if I can get the old one and watch it again.


hehe but then that is a good thing, I actually dont love scary movies, especially gorey stuff. And I have to train my mind to turn off to not find faults with the science. I prefer mindless fun, nothing to over analyze - I love people but the moment they start going off on a tangent about this camera angle and that fading and and and I actually leave the room. I judge a movie on if it made me relax and just switch off for a couple of hours.
One of my all time favourite scary movies tho is

I am looking to watch it again to see how it has aged.



Fun for the whole family.


Pacific Rim Uprising

So dumb, and so amazing. 11/10.


Watched The Stronghold over 3-4 sessions
Nice chill movie, not a complete waste of time. Not brilliant though.


Well, I recently watched Deadpool for the first time, so it’d be that.


OMG, watched Game Over, man! And what a load of crap that was… I can’t believe ppl pay other ppl to make sh!t like that…


Pacific Rim 2. It was terrible.