What was the last movie that you watched?



Haha. Not actually, but good catch :slight_smile:


I really liked IT - had just enough over-acting on Skarsgard’s part to make it hella-creepy, without coming off as camp. The scenes with Pennywise were far superior to any of the other ‘fears’ the kids saw. Looking forward to part 2!


Game Over Man… it’s not for sensitive viewers. But it’s awesome.


From the Reviews it looks like a piece of shit.


The wife and I started the Oscar movies.

First up was Three billboards. Excellent movie liked it a lot.

The second one was Lady Bird. Weird and didn’t like it at all.

Then we wanted to watch Shape of water but instead watched a random movie called Hidden Figures. Its a true story about 3 African American women working at NASA in the 60’s. Katherine Johnson who was this maths genius and who was the first person to do the calculations for manned orbital flight. Also, Mary Jackson who was the first ever female engineer at NASA and the first African American woman who won the right in court to go to a white school to complete her Engineering degree. And lastly Dorothy Vaughn who helped to program the first IBM machines NASA used to calculate trajectories.

What a great movie. I absolutely loved it.


it’s great, you’ll love it


Hidden figures was awesome, I really enjoyed it. Since you are watching Oscar movies, DON’T watch “Call me by your name”. I knew what the movie would be about but didn’t enjoy it, it felt like the ending shouldn’t have been the ending


did not like the ending but good movie,

Very Good movie


Yeah found out the wife watched it without me. The bitch. But she also loved it.


Ready Player One

It was great! I was very skeptical going in. They changed A LOT but they made it work.



Very nice movie, animation was amazingly done, story was also very good.


Watched The Finest Hour again. Really a great movie.


Last recent would be Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Same was boring to say the least.


It was more a movie of setting up more movies to come than anything else really. Its like they want to start from the beginning but this time with a female jedi and a new resistance


Maze Runner: Death Race, 7/10 I rather enjoyed the whole series, we binged it over the long weekend. Rewatching the first 2, I do like how they dont give you much info during the first 2 and I liked the ending, open ended as it was.


documentary called take your pills was very interesting.


Beauty and the Beast. 100001 times just in the last week. Daughter saw Beast at some Princess Conference thing and now that is all she wants to see. Don’t mind too much though, such a sucker for that movie!


Original or live action one? Altho I can live with both - loved both.


The new one was OKAY. The only thing that bothered me were the characters in the castle. It was an object, with a face drawn on it. The objects did not seem as animate as in the original, not portrayed the same as the original at all. That was the only thing that put me off a bit about the new one.


Good for you, the original is the best but I liked the new one as well.