Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

Time for some games. Dive into this 90-minute showcase of what you can expect from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks, and a ton of other great game creators from our partners around the world.

Xbox will also host a simultaneous Xbox FanFest Watch Party (virtual for us unless you’re in Los Angeles, Madrid, Toronto, or Melbourne).

Lots of early rumours about what to expect, but nothing 100% confirmed. Remember also, the Extended Showcase event coming on Tuesday as well. Another 90 minutes with “deep dives, developer interviews, and a few surprises too.”

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Trailers as they go live will be collected over in the Game Trailers and Teasers topic. Interviews and other news and bits and pieces, post here.

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Some of my predictions, hopes, and wants:

  • Starfield gameplay reveal
  • Forza Motorsport reveal and release date
  • Gears Collection - a la Master Chief Collection
  • A Plague’s Tale: Requiem gameplay
  • Redfall reveal of some sort
  • Contraband gameplay and release date
  • State of Decay gameplay reveal
  • Indiana Jones game reveal
  • A host of JRPGs and Asian MMO titles - Xbox making big push into Japan and Korea
  • Something Halo related - both game and TV series
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming integrated with new Samsung TVs
  • Game Pass Family plan announcement, at a stupidly affordable regional price
  • Every new game announcement showing the “Coming to Game Pass on Day One” tag
  • Expansion of the MS/Xbox Rewards, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Xbox All Access programmes to South Africa

First early leak… Steam listing for Scorn now has a semi-release date… October 2022. (GPD1)

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Silksong and Plague Requiem coming to Game Pass! Yes please.

Also the Riot Games tie-in is a big announcement.


Insane line up


Aw, no Fable? Thats a pity!

Absolutely amazing. And that’s just one year worth of content. Very impressed with the Showcase again this year. Got a good few game things ticked off my list:

:heavy_check_mark: Starfield
:heavy_check_mark: Forza Motorsport
:heavy_check_mark: A Plague’s Tale: Requiem
:heavy_check_mark: Redfall
:heavy_check_mark: Japanese games

But short all of the Game Pass stuff, and nothing about Contraband, State of Decay III, Halo, or Indy Jones :frowning: I wonder if they’re keeping Game Pass news until the Extended Showcase thing on Tuesday? That’s also when the next batch of Game Pass games should be announced, I think.

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The “highlights reel” :smiley:

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Forza looks amazing, starfield still has those stiff bethesda animations but it looks massive


For me the main event of the show was Wo Long Fall Dynasty. Granted, I know nothing of the game really except that it’s Team Ninja and hits Game Pass day one. That’s more than enough for me to board the hype train. They had a bit of a misstep with Stranger of Paradise but they are a great studio.

Starfield looked amazing until I saw the building. I really hope that is completely optional. The ship building is fine, I can deal with that. I just don’t want to be building settlements / bases.

Flintlock looks pretty good as well.

All in all some nice games coming at no additional cost to GP subscribers which is always amazing.


Persona games, nice!

I’ve been wanting P4G on steam. Now with it coming out on Xbox, I wonder if they’re porting to PS4 too…

Saw quite a few games that I think look interesting. We have a lot to look forward to.


Sums up my first impressions, it did look a lot like a less cartoony NMS



Too many games, too little time.


Pretty fantastic showcase. I am so unbelievably jazzed for the new Forza Motorsport. They are saying and doing the right things for the franchise and I’m sure it’s going to be epic!

Ara: History Untold also looks promising and I signed up for the insider program to hope and get some early insider scoop on it.

Starfield is obviously a game we’re all looking forward too, plus its ticking all my boxes!



I’m really hoping that the the way you build your ship affects how it flies too, though I don’t see that happening.


They literally said in the presentation the building affects the performance and flight of the ship, the number of engines you add to it etc. I don’t think it would make a massive difference, but within tolerance probably will feel different.


I must have missed that, apologies.

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I love Sonic, and I don’t mean to sound negative but I am hopeful. I don’t really see Sonic being open world so it will be interesting to see how this fares.


Space Game = Good Game in my books!! And the bigger, more layered, and more varied the better.

But please, please let it not be the crushing disappointment the last BGS developed games have been at release. (Was it Fallout 76? Surely there’s been something more recent from them? I’ll need to check.)

I personally have no problem with them delaying again to get it right first time. (I’m a Star Citizen backer after all - we have the patience of saints!) Let No Man’s Sky, ME Andromeda, Anthem, Cyperpunk 2077, and yeah, even Fallout 76 be the warning signs of what to avoid doing.

Sure I’ll be Game Passing the heck out of it from Day 1, but hopefully Phil Spencer and the MS/Xbox powers will help keep Todd “I say many words” Howard and the BGS folks sharp and honest.