E3 2019 Megathread - News, Info, Links, Hype & More

The E3 2019 Megathread

This post is being regularly updated with new info and links as E3 2019 continues

The 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3) is almost upon us. And while the actual trade expo itself only officially starts next Tuesday, most of gamings’ big guns will host Showcase Conferences before the trade event kicks off.

Electronic Arts, Xbox, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Nintendo will all have dedicated Conference events, while The PC Gaming Show will give smaller developers and publishers a platform as well. Inbetween a number of other smaller presentations planned as well.

All the action takes place in Los Angeles so sadly watching some of the conferences live might mean a serious lack of sleep. Regardless of whether you do mange to stay awake or not, all of the conferences will be uploaded to YouTube, and will be linked to here as well.

This Megathread is our attempt (whether it works or not remains to be seen) to try and manage the flood of information that typically comes up during events like this. Please feel free to share any E3 news, info, tweets, clips, thoughts, hype, hopes and disappointments you may have here. What are you excited to see, what were you sad not to see? What new games appeal to you? Which ones are you feeling a bit meh about? What’s good, what’s bad, what’s hot, what’s not?

And the visit the threads and posts linked below for more specific information.

Conference Schedule

See the Local times for the E3 schedule post for details as well as links to livestream locations.

Summary of the Main Conferences Broadcast Times

Live Stream Links

In addition to the links in the Conference times post above, most of the conferences will be shown by Youtube on their dedicated E3 channel, and will also be collected and curated on the YouTube Gaming channel as well.


Game Trailers Collection

The 2019 E3 Game Trailers are all being collected here: E3 2019 Trailers

Please add any trailers, announcements videos, or short gameplay teasers that you find to that thread.

YouTube are also compiling their own E3 Trailers Playlist here:

Conference Summaries, Highlights and Recaps

Selected conferences will (hopefully*) be summarised and recapped by MEW members, and then linked to from here. These threads are where the full conference videos and extended gameplay videos can be found, in addition to summaries of the conference highlights.

Electronic Arts (Sat 8 June, 6:00 PM)


  • (Recap by @??? to follow)
  • Game Trailers from EA Play 2019 are in HERE

EA are not doing a traditional fixed time conference this year. Instead the EA Play event will run throughout the day, and will feature a number of pre-recorded and live segments.

EA Play will be an all day event, but it includes a few notable highlights. At 9:30AM PT, Star Wars fans can tune in for more info on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, followed by Apex Legends at 10AM PT. The full schedule also includes a focus on Battlefield V, EA Sports FIFA and Madden NFL, and The Sims 4.

  • Most Anticipated Games: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Madden NFL 20, FIFA 20
  • How to Watch: Watch EA Play on YouTube and Twitch channels.

EA Play Live Stream / Full Conference Video

Microsoft (Sun 9 June, 10:00 PM)


Xbox Head Phil Spencer has already teased 14 Xbox Game Studios titles and “more first party games than we’ve ever had” at E3. Likely candidates to appear on-stage include Gears of War 5, Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077, and maybe even a new Fable. It’s also fair to expect news about streaming service Project xCloud and maybe details on its next-gen hardware. Rumor has it we’ll also get a look at the upcoming From Software and George R.R. Martin collaboration.

  • Most Anticipated Games: Halo Infinite, Gears 5, Fable reboot
  • How to Watch: Watch Xbox’s E3 briefing on YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer.

Xbox Briefing Live Stream / Full Conference Video

Bethesda (Mon 10 June, 2:30 AM)


  • (Recap by @??? to follow)
  • All the Bethesda E3 Showcase Game Trailers are Here.

Bethesda is promising an in-depth look at Doom Eternal during this year’s presentation. Viewers hoping to see news about Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield may be out of luck, though. Executive producer Todd Howard has previously said the company doesn’t plan to show anything new.

  • Most Anticipated Games: Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  • How to Watch: Watch Bethesda’s briefing on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer, and Facebook Live.

Bethesda Live Stream / Full Conference Video

The PC Gaming Show (Mon 10 June, 7:00 PM)


This year’s PC Gaming Show will include a new title from Rebellion. Additionally, the show is set to feature a number of developers, including Annapurna Interactive, Chucklefish, Epic Games, Raw Fury, Paradox Entertainment, and Perfect World Entertainment.

  • How to Watch: Watch the PC Gaming Show on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer.

PC Gaming Show Live Stream / Full Conference Video

Ubisoft (Mon 10 June, 10:00 PM)


Ubisoft has already had at least one leak for its upcoming announcements: Watch Dogs Legion, a game allegedly set in post-Brexit London. We’re also likely to hear more about Beyond Good and Evil 2. Don’t expect any Assassin’s Creed news, however, as Ubisoft has already said it plans to skip a release this year. The same can be said of pirate game Skull and Bones, which was delayed into 2020.

  • Most Anticipated Games: Watch Dogs Legion, Roller Champions, Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • How to Watch: Watch on Twitch and YouTube.

Ubisoft Live Stream / Full Conference Video

Square Enix (Tue 11 June, 3:00 AM)


Square Enix will finally give us details about its upcoming Avengers game. According to a listing leak, the game will include both single-play and up to four-player co-op. The Final Fantasy VII remake will also make an appearance after years of being absent at E3; last month, Square Enix released the first new trailer in almost four years.

  • Most Anticipated Games: Marvel’s Avengers, Final Fantasy VII, Dying Light 2
  • How to Watch: Watch it on Twitch and YouTube.

Square Enix Live Stream / Full Conference Video

Nintendo (Tue 11 June, 6:00 PM)


Nintendo is once again hosting its down Direct presentation. Its still not clear what its lineup will include, but it’s likely we’ll get news about a new Animal Crossing and other upcoming Switch titles. As for Pokémon Sword and Shield, Nintendo opted for a dedicated presentation on June 5th to dive into the details.

  • Most Anticipated Games: Animal Crossing, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Link’s Awakening
  • How to Watch: Watch the E3 Nintendo Direct on Twitch and YouTube.

Nintendo Live Stream / Full Conference Video


Game Specific Threads

Visit these threads to discuss selected games in detail.

* Anyone wanting to contribute a conference recap or create a specific game thread, please say so below so that we don’t land up with 3 versions of post from the Xbox conference, and 6 threads about Gears 5


We’ve know it was slated for a 2019 release, but now a XB E3 billboard confirming Gears 5 is coming “Fall 2019” (Sept - Nov) has gone up.

We may get a more specific release date during the XB Conference later today.

It also reconfirms that new MS Studio games will go to Games Pass on release, and with Gears 5 also being a Play Anywhere title, it’s just another reason to keep an eye out for Game Pass subscription specials.

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Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) does his regular pre-E3 podcast with Phil Spencer.

Around 90 minute briefing planned; “a minimum of 14 games” to be showcased, but probably more; news on Games Pass for PC; more info on XCloud, still coming this year.

Also talks very positively about his recent trip to Africa and the future potential of gaming on the continent. Worth a listen.

Post on Major Nelson in case the SoundCloud embed doesn’t work for you: https://majornelson.com/podcast/639-pre-e3-2019-with-phil-spencer/

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I doubt anyone of us will be awake for the Bethesda conference at 2:30AM tomorrow morning, but if you’re a big fan of RAGE 2, Elder Scrolls Online or ES Legends you may want to set up a Twitch session before you go to bed to take advantage of the Twitch Drops that’ll happen during their live stream there:

Twitch Drops are back for those that tune in and watch the showcase on Twitch.tv/Bethesda. This year we have amazing items for three titles: The Elder Scrolls Online, The Elder Scrolls: Legends and RAGE 2!

  • The Elder Scrolls Online

    • Watch the BE3 Showcase and earn five Ouroboros Crown Crates and a Clouded-Senche Leopard mount for ESO! Your five Ouroboros Crown Crates and Clouded-Senche Leopard will be delivered in game by June 19. There are two ways to qualify:

      • PC/Mac players – On elderscrollsonline.com, link your ESO account on with your Twitch account, then log into Twitch on June 9 and watch the BE3 Showcase on the Bethesda Twitch channel.
      • Xbox One & PlayStation 4 players – Log into ESO on June 9 between 3pm EDT and 11pm EDT and kill any one monster in the game.
  • RAGE 2 – Get the exclusive Twitch Assault Rifle skin just for tuning into the Showcase on June 9. You’ll receive your skin during the week of E3.

  • The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Crush your opponents in style with the all-new, exclusive Ancestor Moth card back! Watch the Showcase on June 9 and you’ll receive your new card back during the week of E3.


Expect some solid info on the next-gen Xbox console tonight… a very observant Twitter user discovered a hidden message in the last 3 pre-E3 teasers from Xbox:

The 3 codes (R255, G36, B0) are the RGB values for the colour Scarlet, the code name Xbox have been using for their next Xbox console.


Hopefully, in addition to some specs that may/may not rival the stellar recently announced specs for the next PlayStation console, we’ll also get an idea of what they’re going to call it :expressionless:


Square Enix hoarding for Marvel’s Avengers game confirms it’s coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia.


CNET has a round-up of the EA Play conference for those looking for a summary:


Via Kotaku:

A security flaw on publisher Bandai Namco’s website has led to a major new E3 leak that reveals three new games: the rumored From Software-George R.R. Martin collaboration, a new Tales game, and Ni no Kuni remastered.

The leak came through a publicly available link on Bandai Namco’s website, per the website Gematsu (which has full descriptions of each game). Via various posters on ResetEra, the leaks are:

Elden Ring , for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, a new game from the makers of Dark Souls and Sekiro in collaboration with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin. Turns out all those rumors were indeed true.

A collaboration between the 'Souls devs and George RR Martin is a perfect match.

Kotaku has also reported on a bunch of other leaks:


I guess George RR Martin really liked the “You Died” bit.


Oh boy… EA just had the worst E3 press conference ever, and they were not even officially part of E3… 3 hours for 6 games? And none of that on Anthem. Not even a mention of it. Yet The Sims 4 gets a half hour all to itself. Hahaha!


Cyperpunk 2077!!
Keanu Reeves!!!
Insane, brilliant!
16 April 2020


If I were in this press conference, I would be right there with everyone losing my mind when Keanu walks in…


Microsoft stole the show again, just like last year. Even though the details in Scarlet were very sparse…


I wants that collectors edition o_0… i’ve never bought a collectors edition. but i wants…

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Microsoft did really well, and I loved their conference. So many highlights and things to look forward to.

Firstly, CYBERPUNK AND KEANU REEVES!!! The madlads really did it! I am so extremely hyped for the game it’s not even funny.

The new version of the Xbox Elite controller looks awesome as well. I’ve always wanted an Elite controller. I know they’ll be super expensive, but damn it looks good.

MOTHERDUCKING FLIGHT SIMULATOR IS BACK!!! And if the game looks only 10% as good as that trailer, it’s going to be absolutely epic. I’ve always loved MS Flight Sim.

Game Pass Ultimate is the single best gaming investment anyone can make. I mean how many games did they show that will be added to the service ON DAY ONE of their release?! It’s a fantastic service, and very happy it’s coming to the PC as well.

Halo Infinite is going to be massive! I have a funny feeling that it’s going to be a massively big selling point for Project Scarlet.

Speaking of which, at least we have some news on Project Scarlet. So we know it will have an AMD Zen 2 CPU, GDDR6 RAM, an SSD, and AMD Navi PGU with ray tracing. Sounds like a good combination to me. I guess we’ll see more details on the console only at next year’s E3. Luckily we have a release date of “Holiday 2020”, so lots of time to save up for it.

Other things I liked was the new expansion for State of Decay 2, I’ll definitely be playing that. Also Crossfire X looks interesting.


I quickly scanned the Bethesda conference and there is absolutely nothing that interests me. I saw Commander Keen, got excited, heard it was for mobile and then promptly moved on.


And he looks good in game too! I love the reveal at the end of the trailer. Sort of CDPR way of saying “We got Keanu MF Reeves in our game! What you bitches got?!”


I was underwhelmed by the Microsoft conference overall. Lots of flash and 2020 releases.

I guess I was wanting more info on Scarlet and some out of the blue shadow drops.

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That is why sony skipped this E3. Most of the Top tier titles for the next generation is kept for E3 2020

Thats why you didnt see any forza or Fable or Perfect dark etc.

I didnt expect the double fine acquisition i was expecting it to be ready at dawn
They revealed technically the same bits of console info that sony did.

4x times the performance of the one X is a massive jump (im still not jumping on the early adopter bandwagon though)