MEWRL - F1 22

Nurse, hand me the paddles! Its time to defrib the MEW Racing League!

And no better time than today when the most recent F1 game is available on Game Pass and EA Play!

To ease us back into this, and ensure nobody pulls a muscle, I thought the time trials will be a nice place to start.

8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter:

  1. do 2 time trials on the track that the F1 circus is currently visiting (for example Bahrain currently) in F1 22

  2. take a screenshot of your fastest lap time BEFORE lights out of the IRL race on the SAME TRACK. Bahrain is the only exception due to late season start.

  3. for the first time trial you may use any official car, and any setup, any controller method, any platform (console players can take screenshots or shaky mobile camera photos) and on any performance mode. We want the best drivers here, not the best cars.

  4. points will be issued to all the participants, depending on how many participants. If there are 10 times, the top driver gets 10 points, and the bottom driver gets 1 point. If there are 30 drivers, the top driver gets 30 points. See, just like Oprah, I will be handing out points to everyone!

  5. for the second time trial I will select an appropriate car that you can put up the best time for a few bonus points. For example, at Monza we might drive a Ferrari for the bonus points. At Silverstone we could drive the McLarens, France gets Alpine etc. but this time on REALISTIC PERFORMANCE

  6. the bonus points will only be issued to the podium drivers, 1st gets 5, 2nd gets 3, 3rd gets 1.

  7. all you need to do to participate is post your lap time in this thread and I will collate in a fancy telemetry package software (Google Sheets) and the eventual winner will get a high five, maybe a badge!

  8. in order to not spam the whole forum with times, lets try and keep the pictures as a final submission, and use text for interim time postings.

Gentlefolks, start your engines!

OneDrive Excel Link - view current standings

@DarthMol @SlinX @aldyr @GregRedd @Avatar @Solitude @Nosferatie @Dragonic @DieGrootHammer and anybody else I forgot to tag!


I havent touched a racing game in many many months, so im in! This sounds awesome and fun, and now F1 22 is on Game Pass!


Since the rally season seems to be closed, I’ll put on my training wheels and try this out. Sign me up.


My biggest challenge will be trying to get the game to recognise my pedals. Apparently there is a way with some third party apps so I will give it a try.


Imma download that sucker right now and get my practice on!

Funny you mentioned that… Dirt Rally 2.0 [MEWRL] - The 9x9 Championship is good to go too. So you’ve now got two reasons to get your driving gloves on!


I don’t think I’ve played a racing game since the last MEWRL… So I’ll go and look for my wheel in storage, and join in the fun!

IIRC F1 games had the feature where you could chase your friends’ ghosts in TT, is this still a thing? I need to add all of you on Xbox!


Are there to be limitations with assists or anything like that?


And copy their setup


Nope, no restrictions! You can use any setup you want (so look for the fast guys on the leaderboards and copy theirs) and any assists! Some assist might keep you on the track, but slow you down, so play around with them to find the easy middle ground. And if you are on a controller you NEED some of those assists!

Yes! Look for “oltman” on EA ID (I hope XBOX allows that) and add me as a friend.


:checkered_flag: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! :checkered_flag:

The Bonus Point Car for Bahrain is…


Aston Martin

With so many pundits thinking that AMR will be the biggest competition to the top 3 teams this year, we should really put that to the test! For a few bonus points, try the Aston Martin around the Bahrain Track!

I dont think the team will break out of the midfield into the top tier. Lance. Stroll.


Well don’t tell them…


In that case, Imma get Darth to drive mine. Sorted.


Why is this buggy mess R999?!

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The law of averages says a sale should be on the horizon.


Get Game Pass for 999/129 months.


Get EA Play on Steam for R9 for the first month, then R45 after that.


My Pa het gese, “Ek wil een keur iets koop, nie elke vokken maand vir die res van my lewe.”


I am just am just glad you are ACTUALLY CONSIDERING JOING US!!! You make me so happy!


Ok, my dad would have never said that. But, I’m starved for interaction, in this dark eat dark world.

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When are you joining our F1 Fantasy League? There is bound to be some interaction there! I gave you a special tag and all!