Out of Context



We don’t have one of these yet, it seems.

So let us get this rolling again.

Torn - A browser game ruining my life

Oh yeah forgot about this! N1


Awesome! Noob question - how do you post quote like that ?


No Idea how @Blazzok did the whole quote where it shows the origin thread. But just highlight what you want to quote and click on quote


I know the one method but I want to do it properly like the cool kids


Select what you want to quote, and press reply. Copy the quote stuff that it puts in the reply box and come and paste it in here. Voila!


Thank you kindly


You can click reply in this thread navigate to another quote there and it will still show up here.


Ek neem eksepsie.


The is what he said


Gonna have to learn for when that special guy in your life comes along :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope not gonna happen - that person doesnt exist


You might fall deeply in love with an exotic LARPER… and then you will not be able to roll play O_o


AAHHHHHH… Gonna have to learn for when that special lady in your life comes along :stuck_out_tongue: ??


Haha you wish, nope, not that either. Im just not on the market - I want to be alone rather.




Another @Wyvern moment


Another @Wyvern moment. She makes it so easy, no editing even required.


Why dont you lot rename this thread after me