Sim Racing Leagues (Outside of MEW)

This will be a thread for sharing specific details about various sim-racing leagues such as Sim Race SA and RaceFace, Monday Night Racing etc.

Current Leagues

Monday Night Racing (Casual League)
When: Every Monday night
What (Game): Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) - GT3s and GT4s
No website but you can ask for an invite to the discord channel

Sim Race South Africa
When: Monthly races
What (Game): ACC, Assetto Corsa (Open wheel and Touring), Dirt Rally 2.0 (weekly events)

When: Weekly, Tuesdays (F1), Wednesdays (ACC - GT4), Thursdays (ACC - GT3)
What: ACC and F1 2020


I am racing the MNR races for fun and have entered both SRSA and RaceFace as well, but those are also just for fun :wink:

In tonight’s MNR at Zolder i raced in AM, was 5th until I spun the last lap. Ended 10th.

At Spa I started 6th and ended 4th. I was scared I was going to run dry before the end, but as it turned out I had perfect fuel with 2l left :slight_smile:

Finally had decent races in MNR. GT3 at Zolder and GT4 at Spa. I don’t think I’ll do GT4 for a while yet, because I drove alone for the majority of the Spa race. There’s just too few GT4 pack owners. That said, there was about 4 laps of dicing, with someone else, and those 4 laps were stellar. The cars are much more forgiving, and frankly half the people driving GT3, made mash potatoes at Raidillon Lap 1. They should be driving a toddler walking ring, not going 3 abreast into the turn.

Ooh eh eh, I think I did a bit too well in the grading servers, managed to land myself in the pro-am race for tonight!


Good luck! You can do it!

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Good luck dude!!

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Yeah, well done! I am in the AM-Gold group. All I can say is that I nominate @DarthMol as captain of the RaceFace MEW Team :wink:


Nothing to see here… banked a qualy lap and then could not go any faster. Then had a sloppy race from 15th to 13th, then back to 15th. And then I lost server connectivity. When I rejoined, the car was too full, setup was on default and I was 3 laps down… Urgh.
Maybe next time :wink:

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I had an Alonso kind of race… his virtual 24hr Le Mans race. A lagging Bentley caused utter chaos on the opening straight, cars wrecking all over the place, I dodged as much as I could but eventually got smashed. So that was a lengthy time in the pits. Then later while making my mandatory pit stop within the window, my pc froze and I had to reboot. Once I was back in the race it turned out that my mandatory pitstop wasn’t counted and so I had to pit AGAIN. So I was 4 laps down, but on the plus side I kept up well with the guys in 10th and 11th, eventually passing them (not that it made a difference) so I’m encouraged that if I have an incident free race (well the things you can’t control at least) I might be able to crack top 10.

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Loadshedding causing problems but it looks like tonight’s races will still go ahead. Luckily we don’t have any loadshedding scheduled over here.

So who all is taking on the 90 minutes of Misano tonight. I have never driven that track so I wonder if I’m ready, especially for 90 minutes. But I suppose that 90 minutes will be a 90 minute practice session for me then XD

Not for me tonight. I’ll Jin tomorrow in the AC league but I’ve also never driver Misano, I don’t even know how the track looks like, let alone where to brake and turn

Would love to join but I’ve got a Zoom meeting.

Definitely needed the practice for Thursday’s RaceFace at Misano though. It’s not an easy track. And it’s really easy to miss your braking point or confuse which corner is coming up in the dark (as they’re doing a night race).

I am racing! Also never driven it, but 90 mins should be enough practise for Thursday :joy:

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I had a great race, except for that one idiot, that seemed to give a lot of other people problems with his lack of track awareness. As with all tracks, Misano grew on me. 7th in AM race. Not too shabby nige


Hahaha that was the moment when @oltman’s stream became Rated 18. If anyone has not heard @aldyr absolutely lose his shit before. Watch @oltman’s stream from last night and wait for(or skip to) lap 32/33.

I enjoyed the race despite being super unprepared, never drove Misano in any game in my life before. Qualifying was literally practice for me. But managed a decent 17th place. Glad I did the race. But yooooh, I was tired AF after that.


SEnd me a link!!!

Wait untill he asks, “can I mess up your stream?”

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BWAHAHAHAHA @aldyr that was brilliant!

Sorry! I let my emotional baggage leak out :sweat_smile:

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