MEW F1 2019 League Races [MEWRL]

So, we’re about a week away from the launch of F1 2019 (a little less if you’ve pre-ordered the Legends Edition). One feature of the new version that I’ve been particularly interested in since the release announcement are the changes being introduced to the game’s League system.

Codemaster released a blog and a livestream detailing the new League system tools yesterday, and I’m thinking that we definitely need to set up a MEW F1 League using it. So that’s what I’m going to do.

The Time Trial competitions we have are fun, and I definitely think we need to try keep those going as much as possible. Also, without cross-platform play, they are still the only reasonably fair way for PC drivers and Console drivers to compete on a sort of level basis. Let’s not stop those. In fact, if you are a F1 2017 or F1 2018 owner regardless of platform and you haven’t joined the Official MEW Race of Geeks that @Snowbeast runs for us, go do that now! Like right now. I’ll wait right here…

Right, done? Good. Back to The MEW F1 2019 League (PC Edition) then.

I’m guessing (hoping?!) that most MEWbs who are going to pick up F1 2019 are going to do the sensible thing and get it on PC via Steam. The price of the Legends version on Xbox (R1350!) is what the Steam version (R379) and a decent controller would cost you.

If you are getting the game on PC and do want to be added to the League, please say so with a Yes vote in the poll just so I can get an idea of how much interest there is. (And if you aren’t getting the game, or don’t want to join the League please don’t vote to confuse me. I’m old. It’s too easy. And cruel. The poll needs at least two options.)

  • YES - I’m interested in joining a MEW F1 2019 PC league
  • NO - I’m a dumbass and like being mean to the aged

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Some basics about F1 2019 Leagues:

Leagues are made up of any number of Seasons. A Season is made up of between 5 and 25 Race Events. Each Race Event can have up to a maximum of 20 competitors in it. Race attendance and performance do impact your Super License which is important if you want to take part in Public Leagues, do ESport Qualifiers and for Online Matchmaking. Your Super Licence shows information like your profile name and your key ratings: Skill Rating, Safety Rating, Attendance Rating and driver level.

A League can be set up to have its Events (Races) either Scheduled (events start on specific days and at specific times) or On-demand (events can be started at any time). AI Drivers can be used to fill empty spots in a race, and AI Substitutes can be used for League members who cannot make an event that cannot be rescheduled. Both AI Drivers and AI Subs can have their driver skill level adjusted.

I think to start with we should do a small 5 round on-demand season so that we can schedule the races when it suits most (and maybe even run 2 or 3 events in a single online session?), with as straightforward a set of league rules as possible. A 15 car field so that there’s at least some AI around to keep it interesting (unless we actually get 15+ MEW members signing up :slight_smile: ), using the default 2019 spec car (customization and I assume tuning are avaialble) so that everyone has the same base to start from, allow Assists, but keep damage and tyre wear on, 10% race lengths, and short practice and qualifying sessions, to keep the races and season going reasonably quickly.

Very open to questions, suggestions and requests for rules, format, etc. We’ve got more than enough time to set things up however we want.


There’s always one two.


I suck at racing sims, I cant play against others, my poor ego wont survive. And I cant buy another F1 game till I at least finish one and that aint happening soon

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I’m still very new to it all and I suck pretty much big time. But somebody needs to come last right? I’ll be the Williams of this whole thing (except I’ll be driving a Renault if I may)

Um but I haven’t mastered driving without traction control and abs yet so please don’t force us to not make use of assists. Not yet in any case.


I just chose the option that made me chuckle


I’ll mark myself to be in. Hopefully my weak work-life balance doesn’t get in the way like it did with that other league racing I wanted to do with Flex.


As a private league we can use the 2019 cars, but I’m proposing that we use the default 2019 Spec car that Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds helped design. It gives everyone an identical base to start from, is customizable with your own personal livery colours, and is what you would be need to use in public leagues and for online events.

Definitely! Want to keep things as casual and open to all levels as possible. At least to start. So will enable All Assists on the assumption that those who don’t want to use them or who drive better with some Assists on and some off (I can’t drive without Traction Control, but absolutely hate Braking Assist for example) can set things up the way they want.


That’s cool that you’ve got spec cars that you can customise with different liveries. Didn’t even know it.

I have the problem that I’m busy with the 2018 career. Should I finish that or move on to 2019 when it comes out? I’m not even halfway yet so should maybe just stop and move to 2019.

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I think we all have that problem to some degree :expressionless: That’s why I’m going with an On-Demand League. We can create the events and then just run them whenever the majority are able. We’ll obviously target a specific day and time here, and if there’s a majority agreement, run the next event.

If you, or anyone else, can’t make it, your place will be filled by an AI Substitute that will race in your name, use your livery, and possibly score points on your behalf. Obviously your AI Sub won’t drive at the same level as you, and I’m thinking to maybe manually adjust points scored by AI drivers to half points instead. Basically, the League Season can carry on even if one or two people miss a race, and they won’t be at a complete disadvantage when they get back.

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Time is a big problem for all of us adults. But we can figure stuff out. I’ll be in Europe for most of August so will miss quite a bit then.


Suppose it depends on the time you have available really, and how important achievements and completion rates are to you :slight_smile: From what I understand, the driving mechanics between the 2018 and 2019 versions are pretty similar, so maybe keep 2018 installed and use your career there as a “practice mode” for races in 2019? That way you’ll continue to gradually complete your 2018 career without affecting anything in your 2019 stats and super license ratings.

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I am super excited for this! Sign me up! I am not that great, but keen for some fun racing!


Remember to join our league guys!

League Code CM#_ 2VX8G2

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When are we having the first league race?

And remember for those on XBOX, tonight is the @XBOXPlaydatesZA Austrian GP! 9pm!

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I’m thinking we give it another week or so for everyone to get a little more practice in? Maybe let’s look at doing our first trial race Tue/Wed/Thu next week?


Oh and @all - do we want to try schedule our first MEW league race for sometime this week, or give it another week for more practice?

If yes, suggestions on when to do it please. We probably need about an hour to an hour and a half or so to run through the whole race schedule of practice - qualifying - race.

I saw everyone approved the race length change to 25% - thank you. Only other change I’m thinking about making at this stage is increasing the field size from 15 to 20 - so 5 more AI for me to race with while you lot disappear off into the distance.

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Haha @GregRedd, I’ll be the one in the back most likely.

I’m fine for any evening except Thursday. I’m also fine over the weekend during the day. Don’t have any plans.


Yes! Very keen! It would be easier if we try to keep it the same week day so we know when to expect it, but I am pretty flexible unless it’s an F1 weekend. Then I am not available on Fridays.

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Okay, so I’m going to propose Wednesday evening at 8PM to start the ball rolling. There’s 4 of us at the moment (come on MEWBs! get the game on PC already, you won’t be disappointed!) so if 3 agree we’re good to go. Remember that if you can’t make a session that the majority agrees to run, you’ll be substituted by an AI driver for half points.

Yay or Nay for MEW F1 2019 League (Season 1, Race 1) on Wednesday 10 July from 8PM?

  • Yes
  • No

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If no, any alternative?

Okay, scratch that plan. @Solitude can’t do Thursdays, @DieGrootHammer can’t do Mondays or Wednesdays, Fridays are generally problematic for me and @oltman. I don’t think any of us can commit up front to weekends. That leaves Tuesdays. So I propose we stick to Tuesdays as much as possible and look at the occasional ad hoc/extra race on weekends if we can all get together at the same sort of time without risking family strife and trouble?

So now the question is - Race one tomorrow night or next week Tuesday?

  • Tomorrow 8PM is good, let’s go racing!
  • I need to practice more, give me the extra week please!

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Sorry boo, I am dancing on Wednesday. I am only available on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.